Fujirebio transforms operations through lean manufacturing training with the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC)

February 28th, 2019

Seguin, TX – Seguin’s very own leader in high quality invitro diagnostics (IVD) testing entered 2019 with an ultramodern facelift to their operations through Lean Manufacturing training. In early 2018, Fujirebio recognized there were certain areas of their operations that needed improvement and coincidentally that same month the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) came knocking on their door.   

“In years past what we have done before is to batch different stages of our process. We would spend the day getting ready and doing some assemblies in preparation for the next days work and so on,” said Kent Pruett, General Manager at Fujirebio Diagnostics. “When we were evaluating our efficiencies, it was coincidental that we received an email from TMAC on Lean Manufacturing Training and immediately I was interested.”

Lean manufacturing is a methodology that focuses on minimizing waste within manufacturing systems while simultaneously maximizing productivity. The benefits of lean include reduced lead times, reduced operating costs and improved product quality, to name just a few.

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